The True Story Behind the Owls


The Owls Well blog is now officially 1 year and a month old!  Thanks to all our readers for their gracious support!

Since the start of the blog, we here at Owls Well have been asked, “Why the owls?  Is there a reason behind your owl motif?  Or is it just an owl obsession?”  Well, today, we intend to answer that question.

The story of the owls starts with the Aged Ps.  They have, over time, amassed for themselves a collection of owls of massive proportions.  We have an owl clock, an owl clicker toy, owl figurines of all shapes and sizes and even (and this is my favourite) an owl bell that is also a whistle.

An owl from the Greek islands

An owl from the Greek islands

Legend has it that when Debs was a wee child, the Aged Ps were in Alabama and found a rather cute little owl ornament on sale at a shop.  Since baby Debs eyes were large and round, they decided to purchase it for display in their home, partially to commerate Deb’s second birthday and partially to remember their move to Alabama.  This was the beginning of the collection.

As time went by, they started to buy owl figurines to remember the many places and countries that they had visited.  The Aged Ps rather liked the idea of wise owls as a motif for our family, so it stuck.  And that, as they say… is that.


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