Rock down to electric avenue (with Bodytec Singapore – and an awesome giveaway!)

So it’s been several months since I started exercising with Bodytec Singapore (you can read about my experience here), and I figured that it was time for an update!

All wired up

All wired up

I am pleased to let you know that after several sessions with Bodytec Singapore, I have noticed the following changes:

  1. I feel generally much more energetic, and less sluggish during my week.
  2. My posture has improved and I am experiencing less backache at the end of the day.
  3. I have definitely toned up and am looking noticeably healthier. In fact, several of my relatives have commented on my apparent weight loss (I say ‘apparent’ because I haven’t actually lost physical weight, however, I because I am trimmer all round, I am noticeably slimmer).
  4. I am much stronger. This is most obvious when I’m trying to carry a sleeping Little E on one shoulder whilst juggling 5 large bags of groceries in my other hand.
  5. I fit well into my skinny jeans. SKINNY JEANS!!!

I really want to thank Bodytec Singapore for a wonderful fitness experience. I can hardly believe how fast I started to see results!

Anyhow, I enjoyed my experience with Bodytec so much, that I really wanted to share it with all of you folk out there in cyberspace…and so…

A Special Something for Owls Well Readers: Bodytec Singapore is most generously sponsoring a giveaway of 12 fitness sessions to one lucky Owls Well Reader! Woohoo!

To take part in this awesome giveaway, all you have to do is:

1. Be a fan of the Owl Well Facebook Page

2. Head over to the Bodytec Singapore website and then leave a comment below telling me ONE interesting thing that you have learned and why you think this will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to include your email address! (If you would like to send me the email address privately, leave a comment for the other answers, then email me at 4owlswell [at] gmail [dot] com)

(Giveaway is open to readers in Singapore and will end at midnight on 30th Sept 2014. Winners will be picked via – just make sure you complete all 2 easy steps!)

Good luck!

Update: This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been emailed. Thanks for playing!


10 thoughts on “Rock down to electric avenue (with Bodytec Singapore – and an awesome giveaway!)

  1. It helps to compensate muscular imbalance. I thought only exercise such as Yoga/Pilates will strengthen the spine so I did not expect this EMS training can do the same thing. This is good for mothers like me who have back aches after carrying the kids.

  2. I did not know that electrical impulse can help to tone muscles and help one to slim down. I have been exercising for weeks to get rid of my post natal fats. I’m sure this EMS training not only can help me slim down but to help in my backache from carrying my needy baby.

  3. Gentle on joints, checked. Strengthen the spine, checked. Tone my muscles and trim all those jiggly bits, checked. Short weekly time commitment, checked. This sounds like a really awesome deal! Pls pick me!
    Carol Lim

  4. Wah! I like that it can address muscular imbalance and help me target those areas that are weaker! It’s great for me because I have injuries due to muscular imbalance.

  5. I like that EMS training can target specific muscle groups, stabilise the spine, and is gentle on the joints. Plus you only need 20 mins once a weel! I really want to send my husband for this! He’s got slipped disc problems and knee problems and hasn’t been getting much exercise. This sounds like something that he can do, and which can help him. Pick me!

  6. I like it that it targets specific muscles. For me, it’d be to tackle my flabby upper body 😦
    I also have bad knees from an injury many years ago. I haven’t been able to exercise regularly because it takes me days to recover from a simple jog in the park. I hope the EMS training can help strengthen my leg muscles

  7. I am very much overweight. So I appreciate how EMS claims to be effective in toning and helping to lose fats, without having to work up too much of a sweat and pant that could demoralise one from attempting to start a fitness regime.

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