Controlling the Vertical and Horizontal

If you’re wondering where Debs has been this past week, she’s been indisposed.  Apparently, Little E brought home one of those kindergarten flus and now everyone in the G household is down for the count, Debs particularly badly.

Thankfully, I, A Becky Lee, have been spared from this plague by sheer virtue of being the only person in the family sensible enough to have returned to Australia before it started.  Go me!

Which brings us to the following conversation (paraphrased by me)…

A Becky Lee: Hey Debs, you look very sick.  Mind if I take over the blog for a while?

Debs:  (Face down on a couch) Murgle. (Translation: Yes, do whatever you want.)

A Becky Lee:  Does this mean that I can do whatever I want on the blog with impunity?

Debs:  (Face down on a couch) Murgle. (Translation: Of course, my beautiful sister.)

A Becky Lee:  May I also have your Playstation 4?

Debs:  (Face down on a couch) Murgle. (Translation: Help yourself to it, I am always generous with my family.)

A Becky Lee:  Hooray!

So there you have it, my friends, the inmate has been given the key to the asylum and I intend to make the best of my opportunity.  I’ll be taking charge of the blog for the next few weeks while Debs recovers and may be making some exciting announcements while I’m at it!

Stay tuned!

PS.  Debs, I’m taking the Playstation 4 the next time I visit!


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