Deep conversations with a 6 year old boy (or, J discovers toilet humour)

Conversation 1: A new version of ‘Think Fast’.

J: Mummy, I have thought of a new game.

Debs: Ok, tell me about it.

J: First, I throw a crumpled up ball of paper in the air and say ‘Catch the poo!’. Then, when my friend catches the paper ball, he will open it up and it will say ‘This is a poo’ on it. Then I will say, ‘You caught the poo! Haha!’

Converstaion 2: A new version of a ‘Dear John letter’

J: Mummy, I’m going to write a letter to my best friend, Mike.

Debs: That’s good. I’ll help you with it later.

J: On the front of the letter, I will write ‘This is a nice letter’. Then when he opens the letter, it will actually say, ‘This is a poo. It has germs on it.’ and I will draw a poo and some bacteria sitting on the poo. Haha!

Debs: Are you sure Mike is going to like that? I’m not sure he’ll like it.

J: (affronted) Of course he will like it! It’s SCIENCE!


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