The High Tea Crowd

It’s been a while since I got to hang out with a lot of my friends, particularly after a number of them got married, had children or just moved away.  True, there’s always Facebook for catching up, but I’m a bit of a social person and we’ve all been friends for a while.

Last week, we all managed to meet up for a special reason and had the Mad Hatter’s High Tea together at the Westin Sydney (more on that later).  It was great to see all my friends again, but between the tea and the tiny cakes shaped like clocks and top hats, we realised that some of us hadn’t seen each other for years.

The High Tea Crowd in all its glory!  I vote that I'm actually Moss.

The High Tea Crowd in all its glory! Mandi, Tracey, me, Boobook and Lacey!  I maintain that I’m actually Moss.

Like any other group of women[1], we talked about what was going on with our lives and, for some strange reason, Sex and the City.  While none of us had actually watched Sex and the City, we did agree with one thing, that we should, like the women on that show, meet up at least once a month to drink tea and catch up.

Thus, the High Tea Crowd was born.  Why the High Tea Crowd?  Well, what else would you call a bunch of geeks who love to lunch?

How do you catch up with your old friends, Debs?

[1]…and one Boobook, who was invited to attend because another woman was a no-show and the Westin doesn’t allow same-day cancellations.


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