Bubble Magic: Pep Bou’s Wonderful World of Bubbles (and a giveaway!)

There is always something so mesmerising about soap bubbles and their ephemeral, rainbow-hued existence. J and Little E can often entertain themselves for hours blowing bubbles on our balcony and watching them drift off into the distance.

When I found out that Bubble Magic: Pep Bou’s Wonderful World of Bubbles was coming to Singapore this September, I was absolutely beside myself!

Picture Credit: Lunchbox Theatrical Productions

Picture Credit: Bubble Magic

Pep Bou is a Spanish artiste who has been conducting theatrical soap bubble shows for over thirty years in Europe, combining his knowledge of chemistry and technical architecture with his passion for the performing arts. Bubble Magic (also known as Clinc!), his latest two man show, is a blend of bubbles and clowning, and it sounds absolutely wonderful.

I had the opportunity to interview creator and performer, Pep Bou himself:

1. Your show is so unique and unusual! What is the inspiration behind your soap bubble theatre?

Theatrical performance and live creation in front of an audience was what interested me most. Bubbles seduced me with their beauty and poetry and, especially, the fact that they always have to be made again. The risk of their fragility will always be a source of inspiration to me to keep researching and perfecting my shows. You could say that I swapped solid architecture for delicate and ephemeral architecture.

2. What are the biggest challenges of working with soap bubbles to a live audience and how do you work around them?

Working with soap bubbles is a constant challenge. It’s like being a trapeze artist with no net under you. The bubble is the greatest example of the concept of FRAGILITY. Their nature when doing a show presents both great difficulties and great advantages. When they pop unexpectedly, last only a few seconds or are carried away by a current of air, you must have technical and theatrical resources to keep up the rhythm, as well as a high aesthetic and poetic performance level. A lot of humidity in the atmosphere with no air currents and without excessive heating or air conditioning are the best conditions that make it easiest to manipulate the bubbles. However, our company always provides excellent quality in all of our experiments, no matter what the situation may be.

Apart from the difficulties mentioned, an extraordinary connection is always established between the actors-bubble artists and the audience, which makes everything that happens on the stage constantly exciting and new.

 3. As a professional mime, you have always been able to overcome language barriers to convey thoughts and feelings. How do you incorporate your experience into your act? 

Soap bubble theatre basically requires creating the bubbles by blowing and then manipulating them. The performance that I have always believed was best over the course of my career has been theatre without words or miming. Its parallel would be silent cinema. Although some of the characters express themselves with onomatopoeic sounds at times, the best text for bubbles is MUSIC.

Picture Credit: Bubble Magic

Picture Credit: Bubble Magic

Bubble Magic opens on 10th September 2014 at the Jubilee Hall Theatre, Raffles Hotel, and the kids and I will definitely be there!

A Special Surprise for Owls Well Readers: Lunchbox Theatrical Productions is kindly sponsoring a giveaway of ONE PAIR of tickets to the matinee performance of Bubble Magic on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 at 3:30pm, right here on Owls Well! Woohoo!

To take part in the Giveaway just:

  1. Be a fan of the Owls Well Facebook page
  2. Share this post on your Facebook page and tag a friend – make sure your post is set to public
  3. Leave a comment below telling me about the first theatrical performance you ever attended. Don’t forget to include your email address! (If you would like to send me the email address privately, leave a comment for the other answers, then email me at 4owlswell [at] gmail [dot] com)

(Giveaway is open to readers in Singapore and will end at midnight on 3rd Sept 2014. Winners will be picked via Random.org – just make sure you complete all 3 easy steps!)

Good luck!

Update: This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been emailed. Thanks for playing!


26 thoughts on “Bubble Magic: Pep Bou’s Wonderful World of Bubbles (and a giveaway!)

  1. The first performance I can recall was The Hobbit (I think?), when I was in my early teens, at the Kallang Theatre! That was ages ago :p mailmummyed (a) gmail.com

  2. My first theatrical performance was way back when I was in preschool celebrating our annual day in our school being part of a group dance wearing fancy glittery dresses and as a mother my first theatrical experience was taking my now 8 year daughter to Hello Kitty show when she was a mere toddler(maybe 14 months) and later a few years later saw her performing before the audience for her preschool concert !!!!!

  3. Oh no i think I missed the deadline… oh well. My first theatrical performance was when i did this orchid dance thing in kindergarten at yamaha, and I was the dancer AND the MC. Does that count? >.< 😛

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