Sisterly Date Double Feature! Part 2: PhysioAesthetics

Just prior to A Becky Lee’s visit to Singapore, I’d been up several nights in a row looking after a feverish and grouchy Little E, and I was feeling pretty tired and looking rather haggard. So, after our delicious and healthy meal at Shirokiya CHIJMES, I was definitely ready for some serious, hardcore pampering!

I mean, what’s a sisterly date without some R&R time?

We put J, Little E and the Southern Boobook down at the Aged P’s place for a good long afternoon nap, before traipsing off for an afternoon at PhysioAesthetics at Camden Medical Centre.

PhysioAesthetics specialises in using non-invasive beauty treatments for the face and body. They use a mixture of high quality organic skincare products and combine this with the latest in nanotechnology treatments.

Nanotechnology is the study of the tiniest of tiny particles, and in the world of beauty and science, these nanoparticles are believed to be tiny enough to transverse the skin’s natural barriers, thus permeating the deeper layers of the skin in order to target the cellular proteins (collagen and elastin) which are responsible for maintaining the structure and flexibility of skin. Theoretically, it should be possible to boost skin quality and youthfulness by stimulating the regeneration of skins cells and maintaining the collagen and elastin via nanotechnology treatments.

Currently, nanoparticles are used commonly in sunscreens in the form of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide nanoparticles which protect the skin by absorbing UV radiation.

This is your science lesson for the day! And now, back to our regular programme.

After a brief but thorough consultation with the beautician, the PhysioAesthetics beauty team decided that our customised treatment would include the PhysioAesthetics Signature Organic Facial, using pure organic Argan oil, followed by a relaxing mask.

The PhysioAesthetics Signature Organic Facial (SGD$250 for 90minutes)

The PhysioAesthetics Signature Organic Facial (SGD$250 for 90minutes)

As I was experiencing some skin congestion due to stress and lack of sleep, my facial also included a deep pore cleansing and purifying treatment with manual extraction which was gentle yet thorough. Thereafter, the therapist coated my skin with a generous application of pure Vitaman-E rich Argan oil and then spent the rest of the time sending me to heaven on the wings of a pressure point massage.

Then, a purifying and calming mask of rosehip and mint was painted on my face and as I lay in repose, having a relaxing hand massage, I felt my brain dissolving into a blissful pool of Aaaaahhhhhh.

A Becky Lee, whose skin was severely dehydrated after arduous plane journey received a very luxurious application of soothing aloe vera mask which really gave her skin a much-needed boost. You can see how relaxed and happy she is in the picture below, where she is enjoying a delicious rose hip tea. Yum.

Happy campers with tea and sunscreen

Happy campers with tea and sunscreen

At the end of our treatments, our therapists gave our glowing faces a good cleansing to remove all traces of the mask, then applied a layer of COOLA organic mineral sunscreen, which has a nice light, velvety finish to it that I really liked.

Whilst sipping a cup of post-treatment tea in the lounge, I had the opportunity to browse through the range of organic products carried by PhysioAesthetics and was very impressed by their commitment to beauty products that are organic, produced using sustainable fair trade practices. Way to go!

Afterwards we emerged, faces radiant with contentment, all ready to face the world again.

Find out more about PhysioAesthetics here.


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