Ain’t no party like a Disney party!

We here at Owls Well are big, BIG Disney fans.

Growing up, I was raised on a steady diet of Disney films and cartoons, and those memories of sitting with my sister watching the Disney cartoons on the couch are very dear to me. The Barn Owl and I derive great satisfaction from sharing our favourite Disney films and toons with the kiddies!

So when the fine folk over at the Disney Channel invited us to a party at the EatPlayLove Craft Cafe to preview the latest Disney cartoon, The 7D, we were all so excited!

A 7D Disney Party at Eat Play Love

A 7D Disney Party at EatPlayLove Cafe

The 7D is a brand new animated television series which is very (very) loosely based on the 1937 Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In the series, the seven dwarfs (aka the 7D) help to defend the land of Jollywood and the Queen Delightful from the bumbling villains Grim and Hildy Gloom who are bent usurping the throne.

The 7D work together to accomplish each missions, whether be it saving the town from a fake giant or defending their mine against jewel thieves, much to the disgust of the Queen’s personal assistant, Lord Starchbottom. The series takes place before the birth of Snow White, so neither the Evil Queen nor Snow White are present, although the Magic Mirror has a recurring role.


Completely engrossed in The 7D

The voice cast of the series includes the cheeky Kelly Osbourne as the hilariously inept Hildy Gloom as well as Emmy award winner Maurice LaMarche (The Brain from ‘Pinky and the Brain) as Grumpy, Jess Harnell (Wakko from ‘Animaniacs’) as Grim Gloom, Paul Rugg (Freakazoid!) as Lord Starchbottom, and the legendary Bill Farmer (the current voice of Goofy) as Doc. Woohoo!

In summary, the voice cast includes all our favourites from all our childhood!!!![1]

HILDY GLOOMThe kids were absolutely entranced by the cartoon as you can see from the look of concentration on their little faces!

Little E’s favourite character is Hildy Gloom, who is a bumbling sorceress with the self-control of a 3 year old (which is probably why Little E found her so hilarious). Little E describes her as ‘naughty with some very silly ideas’.

GrumpyJ’s favourite character is Grumpy, who is a grouchy and cantankerous fellow. J really likes his character design and says that his flowerpot hat is ‘uncomfortable and probably gives him a headache which is why he is grumpy’.

I have to say that I found the character interpretations very funny, and the jokes are fast and furious! I expect nothing less from Emmy award-winning executive producer Tom Ruegger and the show’s brilliant team of writers which include Sherri Stoner, Paul Rugg, Deanna Oliver and Randy Rogel, who were all part of the main crew of the good ship ‘Animaniacs‘.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to colour we go

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to craft we go

After watching a sneak preview episode of The 7D, and gobbling down a plateful of mac-and-cheese with chicken nuggets, Little E was so inspired that she went over to the craft corner at the back of EatPlayLove to do a spot of colouring!

We really had a wonderful time at The 7D preview party! To top it all off, each of the kids at the party were given a little goody bag to bring home containing a cute folder, jotterbook and set of pin-buttons. They were so delighted! Thank you Disney Channel for making our day!

Swinging with our goodies

Swinging with our goodies

The 7D premieres in Singapore on 7 September (Sunday) at 11 am on the Disney Channel.

And if you still aren’t convinced, check out this awesome playlist with all the characters!

Find out more about the 7D here (and check out a really fun track-building game)

[1] Didn’t you have an enormous and everlasting crush on Freakazoid, Meimei?


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