Raccoons with Guns: Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review


Because I am totally ready to rumble to awesome 80s tunes alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, yet another movie in the massive multi-movie franchise that is the Marvel/Disney Cinematic Universe thingming (sans Mutants and Spiderman).

Guardians of the GalaxyIncidentally, if you are not, in fact, at all ready to rumble, then you will probably find yourself right at home with the titular Guardians of the Galaxy.  Our heroes, a bunch of intergalactic misfits, start by getting themselves arrested for an extended street brawl, which, while impressive to watch, actually starts for the stupidest reasons ever.

The brawl starts between…

  • PETER QUILL, the self-named Starlord, a frat boy lost in space;
  • GAMORA, cyborg assassin extraordinaire and daughter to Thanos, Marvel’s biggest bad;
  • ROCKET, a raccoon with a big gun; and
  • VIN DIESEL as the Wood Giant

…but quickly grows to include…

  • DRAX the destroyer, who is very angry;
  • RONAN the accuser, who is also very angry, but is also genocidal;
  • NEBULA, Gamora’s sister who is very blue;
  • The entirety of the NOVA CORP, an alien police force led by a woman with the snazziest hair ever;
  • The entirety of the RAVAGERS, a group of blue-skinned alien rednecks;
  • and the COLLECTOR, who showed up to collect stuff.

It is a massive and very impressive brawl that lasts about 2 hours and is REALLY FUN TO WATCH.

I am pleased to note that while basic statistics state that Marvel is probably due to release a terrible movie sometime in the future, this is not that movie.  This is a good movie.  With awesomeness.

Awesomeness and racoons with guns.


Also, talking trees.

Go watch it.

The Guardians of the Galaxy was released on 31st July in cinemas worldwide.  Go watch.  Seriously.


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