Sentosa: New and Improved? (Part 1)

We did not really visit Sentosa very often as children, but on the rare occasion that we did, one of the highlights of the day would be visiting the musical fountain in the evening.

The musical fountain was a very simple affair – just jets of water forming patterns in time to music, with coloured lights tinting the water various shades of the rainbow. It was a lovely way to end a day of traipsing around the island, legs aching, covered in sweat and mosquito bites. We would always find respite on the cool stone seats in front of the fountain, enjoying the evening breeze and watching the sun set behind the trees. Then the music would begin, and we would be entranced.

As I headed into my teens, whenever I had guests from abroad coming to visit, I would always bring them for a tour of the island, mainly to visit the Butterfly Park, Underwater World and Fort Siloso, then to round of the day, a visit to the musical fountain (which by then also had some fancy laser light show about the Merlion).

Well, in 2002, the musical fountain’s original simple music and light show was retired, replaced by a rather gaudy water and fire production called ‘Magical Sentosa’. I distinctly remember bringing the Barn Owl to watch this, extolling the virtues of the musical fountain, only to be confronted by a bizarre green monkey and his band of mutated sea creatures on parade singing something to the effect of “Hello, Hello, We Fishies Say Hello”.

Oh, the mortification.

I heard that after the demolition of the musical fountain, elements of the ‘Magical Sentosa’ show found their way to the ‘Songs of the Sea’ night show, which recently ended its run, replaced by the New and Improved Multimillion Dollar Night Show, ‘Wings of Time’.

Feeling the wind beneath the Wings of Time

Feeling the wind beneath the Wings of Time

I must admit that I was personally seeking to recapture some of that magic from the original musical fountain display when I accepted the invitation to view the new night show at Sentosa.

With this in mind, I decided to bring our Aged Ps along as well as the kids, and make it a lovely family evening out.

The stage and setting

The stage and setting

We sat and waited for the show to start, watching the sun set behind the stage.

The view from Imbiah Lookout (which is where the stage is built) is very lovely, especially with the ships floating in the distance, and the twilight turning the clouds pink and gold. We were very fortunate to have a nice clear evening, however, it was clear that the location was not as breezy as other parts of the island, as a strong wind would probably interfere with the water effects.

Mommy tip: Bring a fan – it’s warm out here.

A Sentosa Sunset

A Sentosa Sunset

Well, ‘Wings of Time’ is definitely visually spectacular. The quality of the animation projected onto the stage and a wall of water, coupled with the coloured lights and lasers, as well as jets of fire, are truly impressive and absolutely mesmerising.

It did start off a little bit hesitantly, with a painfully awkward live segment which acted as a musical introduction to the main story. In the end, the storyline involving a boy and a girl and a large bird (hence the ‘Wings’ in ‘Wings of Time’), was a rather forced way to tie the various visual sequences together and I honestly would have been much happier just watching the display and listening to instrumental music without having it interrupted by unnecessary dialogue or lyrics.

There is much to be said for keeping things simple.

A Visual Feast

A Visual Feast

As tickets to Wings of Time‘ cost SGD$18 per person (SGD$15 if you are a resident of Singapore, no discount for kids) for 30minutes of entertainment I would consider this a very extravagant, one-time only treat especially for families who may find that SGD$18 goes a long way. (This is especially considering that there is another laser-water-fire show elsewhere in Singapore which doesn’t charge a cent for admission.)

I think if the price was much more reasonable, I might be happy to pay to watch the show multiple times, but at the moment, my family of 4 would be spending SGD$78 to attend!

To be perfectly honest, I think that I would rather put the money to better use elsewhere on Sentosa – and I’ll tell you where in my next post (which will also include a pretty awesome giveaway!)

Wings of Time shows take place twice daily at 7:40pm and 8:40pm at the Wings of Time Theatre, near the Sentosa Beach Station.


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