Dining in with the Dinner Ladies

Between shopping for fresh ingredients, looking up recipes and then preparing and cooking the food, cooking for one ends up being hours spent for very little gain.  I mean, unless I intend to eat the same food every day for a whole week, it really isn’t worth the effort.  Besides, the food tends to lose its nutritive value if it’s frozen for long periods of time.

While I can cook, I have no time to cook.  Part of being an extremely busy single lady means that I rarely, if never, have any time of day.  My day is divided between work or study, the tiny slivers of time between these two activities are usually saved up for church, a weekly social meeting with friends and the occasional boneless vegetating that occurs when one has no energy left.

The end result of these two factors combined meant that up until recently, I pretty much ate out every night, gaining weight and also losing money.

But then!

I discovered!

The DINNER LADIES (cue fanfare)!

Delicious pre-packaged pork belleh

Delicious pre-packaged pork belleh

The Dinner Ladies is a Sydney-based meal service that delivers semi-cooked dinners directly to your door weekly.  These dinners are made out of fresh, seasonal ingredients purchased from local suppliers and come pre-assembled for easy cooking.

Dinner Ladies food is delivered in simple ice-packed styrofoam boxes.  As I’m very rarely home during the day, I left instructions for the box to be delivered to a sushi restaurant next door, where it was summarily placed in the corner of their very hot kitchen.  Despite the warm surroundings, the food was still refrigerator cool when I received it at 6PM that evening.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the packaged.  The $100 I spent on food really went a long way and more or less paid for exactly enough food needed for the week, including food to cover the few guests that I have over for lunch and dinner during the weekends.  Here’s what I bought (includes the famed leafs mentioned in a previous post):

Two boxes of leafs, two cottage pies, one medium pork belly (for sharing) and a huge bag of delicious duck ragu

Two boxes of leafs, two cottage pies, one medium pork belly (for sharing) and a huge bag of delicious duck ragu

Instructions for assembly or cooking are printed on the various items and fairly easy to follow.  I love how the Dinner Ladies also clearly label ingredients that go into their food, though I would prefer that allergy information be more clearly delineated, both on the food packages and on the website.

Before and after!

Before and after!

That being said, by following the instructions, one can turn the disgusting white blob in a tin into delicious cottage pie.

The Dinner Ladies delivers food all week, though I have been given to understand that they have specific delivery dates for each part of the city.  They have a menu of both frozen and fresh foods, but I tend to order off the latter menu, as the food keeps pretty well and can sometimes be frozen.

So there you have it, the means by which I feed myself each week.  Enjoy the food with leafs, or with the healthy side dish of your choice!

Yum yum!

Yum yum!

You can visit the Dinner Ladies at their website here and check out what they have fresh each week.  If you subscribe to their newsletter, you can get an idea of what they cook every week!


One thought on “Dining in with the Dinner Ladies

  1. $100 a week is not bad especially considering it includes enough to entertain guests on the weekends. I’m so glad that you are eating a more balanced and nutritious diet. NO MORE FALLING SICK FOR YOU IN THE LAND OF OZ. It is not allowed.

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