Upcycling for kids: Houses from boxes

A little village

A little village

So, I had a couple of little empty cartons, so we decided to turn them into a little box village for all of J and Little E’s Lego minifigs.


  1. Empty cardboard boxes of whatever size you fancy
  2. Ruler
  3. Pen
  4. Scissors
  5. Double sided tape or glue
  6. Crayons or oil pastels
  7. Tempera paint


The more you turn me inside out

1. Start out by dismantling the boxes. Carefully tear apart the flap on the inside of the box using your finger, so that the box is now completely flattened.

2. Using a ruler or straight edge, draw a line down the centre of the box using a pen.

3. Use scissors to cut along the two narrow panels of the box, stopping at exactly at the line.

4. Crease the two narrow panels along the line.


5. Turn the box inside out so that the blank part is facing out, and then glue or tape the sides and bottom of the box back together. (We used double sided tape). Make sure the cut narrow panels at the top are left free. As you can see, we chose a box that had a perforated hole, and we left that at the bottom as the door of the house.


6. Fold the two narrow panels towards each other to form the roof of the house and fix together with tape or glue (we used double sided tape).

7. Using a pen, trace the outline of your roof onto the two wide panels.


8. Trim the spare cardboard straight across the top of two wide panels.

9. Crease the two wide panels along the pen outline, and tuck them into underneath the roof or on top of the roof, whichever is easier. You can fix them with glue or tape if you wish!


10. Draw in windows using black wax crayons or oil pastels, then cover your little houses with paint!


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