Shine Healing Boomerang! Sailormoon Crystal is coming!




As a child of the early 90s, Sailor Moon holds a strong nostalgia factor for me. Back then, if you were a boy, you watched Dragonball Z, and if you were a girl, you watched Sailor Moon.

So, when the new series, Sailor Moon Crystal, was announced, I was pretty chuffed.  The show will be live streaming on Niconico Douga, the Japanese version of Youtube, which is great because it’ll have International reach. This thing is BIG. I mean, Isetan Japan just had like an entire actual Sailor Moon clothing collection released[1].

Rumour has it that Sailor Moon Crystal is going to be a reboot of the entire series to a form that more closely resembles the original Sailor Moon manga by Naoko Takeuchi. This probably means less of the monster-of-the-week formula and more science fiction and violence. After all, it was Naoko’s intention to make a science fiction comic for girls.

It’s a little disappointing for me, since I was hoping for a continuation of the original series[2], but I’m still looking forward to it nonetheless.  Plus, having watched the trailer, I’m a somewhat disappointed with the super-skinny look of the main character.  She looks practically consumptive.  Still,I suppose that’s the style they’re going for.  The animation is a lot better than the original, that’s for sure, though that isn’t hard.  Modern animation techniques allow for more dynamic camera angles and movement.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering where Shine Healing Boomerang comes from, check out this chart that’s been making its way around Tumblr…


I like to imagine that the attack looks like a sparkly blue boomerang that shoots out rays of healing water. What’s your Sailor Senshi attack and what does it look like?

[1] Lacey got me one of their bags. It’s serviceable but not great.

[2] Mostly to find out how Tsukino Usagi gets from innocent schoolgirl marrying her college aged boyfriend to RULER OF PLANET EARTH.


4 thoughts on “Shine Healing Boomerang! Sailormoon Crystal is coming!

  1. Solomon Sensitive Cyclone? This makes me think of King Solomon and his concubine of 700+ women. So a tornado of 700 crying women? Doesn’t seem particularly Sailor Moon-y!

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