The Daily Playlist (Debs Edition)

Hey Meimei,

So, I too rely on music to get me through the day.

However, my playlist of songs exists only in my head, as the sound system in my house (and the one in the car) is generally used to play music for the children. The kids are currently listening to a mix of Psalty, DisneyColin Buchanan and the Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack, but my mental radio is playing rather a different mix of tunes altogether.

The endless internal soundtrack is not anything new, by the way. My housemates at University have all observed at one point or another that I will sing or hum tunes to myself as I go through my day, and that the songs are usually related to what I’m doing at the time. I have thousands of songs on my playlist, but most of them have lyrics, and I do realise that I return to some songs more than others. By the way, although I enjoy listening to classical and jazz, I don’t seem to have purely instrumental music in my head when I go through the day.

(Here’s a link to my complete playlist so you can follow along if you like. or scroll down to the bottom for the embedded playlist)

Getting up in the morning: To the Sky by Owl City

This is a lovely, upbeat song which never fails to get me going in the morning. Each day is an adventure, and it doesn’t matter where you are or what circumstances you are in, it’s time to wake up and BE AWESOME!

Getting up in the morning (grumpy version): This Year by The Mountain Goats

I do have days where I just feel tired and uninspired, and I need an extra boost to get me going. I don’t have the luxury of calling in sick from work – so I just have to push through my own natural desire to hide in a dark place and just get on with it.

Getting the kids ready for school: In Your Arms by Kina Grannis or Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac

I like happy, hopeful songs for the morning which keep my mood and energy up. These songs have a great positive vibe and make me feel happy about being with my family.

Getting the kids ready for school (and we’re late)The History of Everything by Barenaked Ladies or Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

These are pretty self-explanatory but really, when we’re late, we need to keep going at the speed of light and I find myself in conveyor belt mode, pushing the kids along and out of the door.

Running the morning household errands:

– On a Rainy Day: Carolina on my Mind by James Taylor or Fields Of Gold by Sting or Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell

I often feel more dreamy and thoughtful on rainy days. This is the time where I am the most introspective. These are sedate and quiet songs which tend to fill my mind when I’m busy with housework and general errands.

– On a Sunny Day: Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America or Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Sunny days are good days for planning ahead with positivity and getting things organised!

– When I’m Stuck in Traffic: Going Down To Liverpool by The Bangles or Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash

This is one of the worst things that can happen to me during the day, because it seriously screws up my momentum. In this situation, I tend towards songs with a steady rhythm which takes me away from the monotony of crawling along the motorway. (Small digression: The Bangles music video is hilarious and you may recognise a Significant Actor who exactly mirrors my feelings of being in a traffic jam, with a small arch of his eyebrow.)

Wrangling the kidsI Know (A Song in Ten Words) by Hank Green or Closer To Fine by Indigo Girls or True Colours by Cyndi Lauper

These songs kinda summarise what goes through my head when I’m talking to J and Little E and handling their various moods. I am a rather quick-tempered person and keeping these songs running in my head helps me to remember the bigger picture, so that I can deal with my children with wisdom, good humour and sensitivity.

Winding down at the end of the day: Vanilla Twilight by Owl City

Well, it only stands to reason that Owl City both starts and ends my day. I always find his music makes me feel hopeful about things to come. This song is one of my favourites.

P.S. Have embedded the whole playlist below the cut!


2 thoughts on “The Daily Playlist (Debs Edition)

    • We all are! My kids have not watched Star Wars or any of the related cartoons as they are too young for it, but they love the soundtrack and are familiar with some of the characters from the films. One of our favourite bedtime songs is singing the ‘Cantina Theme’ acapella style!

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