Playing With Food: It’s Cupcake Time! (Part 1)

Classtime at Artzbake

Classtime at Artzbake

A few weeks back, I brought J and Little E to Artzbake at 500 Guillemard Road for a cupcake making class.

The folk behind Artzbake used to run a cafe and bakery, but they have decided to share their craft through baking workshops and cake decoration classes for both children and adults, and it is clear from their enthusiasm that they have a real love for baking and making it fun for everyone!

I have to say that the staff at Artzbake were great with the kids, finding ways to keep each one engaged and involved during the cupcake-making process and maintained a fun, yet orderly (and hygienic) environment. I learned so much by watching the baking instructors at work and was inspired to make another episode of Playing With Food!

So…here’s a new episode called ‘It’s Cupcake Time! (Part 1)’, in which J and Little E make (and eat) deliciously  fluffy chocolate cupcakes, using SCIENCE.

Tune in next week for ‘It’s Cupcake Time! (Part 2)’ in which there will be some cupcake decorating shenanigans!

P.S. Check out our eggless, dairy free (and possibly gluten free) cupcakes!

P.P.S. Watch our other episodes of Playing With Food here.


9 thoughts on “Playing With Food: It’s Cupcake Time! (Part 1)

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    • Thanks Fern! I don’t really draw out a storyboard because I’m working with kids and I only have one cameraperson (usually myself or The Barn Owl), so I just go with the flow and work around what I’ve got.

      Right now I’m using the same camera that I use to take photos with, which is the oldest SONY NEX model (you can see it in one of the photos in this post about Bodytec). It’s not the best camera for videomaking, but it works for me because it’s small and I can shove it in my handbag.

      • It’s really impressive! Then I think you have a natural knack for thinking about the different shots on the fly and piecing them into a coherent whole. 🙂 I’ve done it for work and it takes a long time!!!

        I have a Sony NEX too and the video quality is very good! But I’m very intrigued by the Go Pro nowadays. You should consider! It’s tiny too and you can get very interesting angles. And since you do it often and well, might be fun!!

      • Oooh, I would love a GoPro Camera! It looks like a lot of fun! Maybe when my SONY NEX starts to die and I have an excuse to buy a new camera.

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