No…. Energy… Brain… Dying…

I got back from my holiday to discover that one of my lecturers had decided that we were all slackers and, as a method of motivating us to study harder/do more, has given us less than a week to complete a 1250 word essay.  This would normally be a cinch for me, but I have also recently been given a promotion at work.

Between the data migration and the insanely long essay…

I.  Am.  Completely.  Flat.  Out.

Therefore, I’ve decided to share with you my current playlist of 5 happy songs about being pathetic.

As these are all Youtube videos, I have placed them behind this read more bar so that you’ll only load them if you need them, but if you don’t want commentary, you can find the complete playlist of these songs on the OwlsWellVlogs channel.

1.  The Hanklerfish Song by Hank Green

This Pollyanna style song is great for those times when you’re miserable and tired but just want to know about someone who is probably more miserable and tired than you are.  And it’s so cheerful about it too!  After all, you may as well be happy if you don’t know any better!

2.  Zombie Me by No More Kings

Here’s a song about being quite quite undead, a state of being which often mirrors my own.  Just shufflin’ about down the street with Schrodinger’s shoes on your feet.  Watch out for the really awesome call and answer bit between the singer and his zombie friends, which is my absolutely favourite part of the song.

3.  Shop Vac by Jonathan Coulton

Okay, this song isn’t so much about being pathetic as it is about simply living the suburban nightmare.  That being said, it is probably one of the most cheerful songs about living the suburban nightmare.  I especially love the kinetic typography done by the music video maker.  It makes me very happy for some reason.

4.  White and Nerdy by “Weird Al” Yankovic

I can’t make a list of happy pathetic songs without mentioning this one, the ur happy pathetic song by “Weird Al” Yankovic.  I may not be white, but I’m certainly nerdy!

5.  Army by Ben Folds Five

I like this song.  It’s about being an abject failure in life, yet somehow managing to climb on top despite it all.


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