Sisterly Date! Wheee!

So, a couple of people have been wondering why I haven’t posted in the last few weeks[1], the reason is simple:

Success!  A diamond in hand is awesome and fun!

Success! A diamond in hand is awesome and fun!

I was on holiday visiting my awesome sister and we went on an awesome sister date!

We went to Roomraider, which I’ve wanted to go to ever since Debs reviewed it.  There, we challenged ourselves to a spot of amateur jewellry theft in the Dark Mansion.  Our foray was quite successful and I count it as a matter of pride that we only had to ask for help once[2]!

Our egos were so boosted, in fact, that we grew several inches after the encounter!

Debs: Previously 5'0", now 6'0". Becky: Previously 5'1" now 5'5"

Debs: Previously 5’0″, now 6’0″.
Becky: Previously 5’1″ now 5’5″ (Is also a genius)

And then we had a late dinner snack after at Dean and Deluca!

Tea for two with me and you

Tea for two with me and you

We got to Dean and Deluca towards the tail end of the evening, which meant that it was about to close.  The staff were still willing to serve us, but we had a very limited menu to choose from.

Debs ended up having a fruity iced tea and an earl grey muffin while I had a chilli con carne pie and a hot English breakfast tea.

It was a good evening.

[1]All one of you.

[2]Due to the following conversation… (SPOILERS after tag.)

Becky: (Opening a box) EEK!
Debs: What’s wrong with you?!
Becky: I think there’s a skeleton in there!
Debs: WHAT?!
Becky: You open it!
Debs: No!
Becky: You’re a doctor, you OWN a skeleton.
Debs: I don’t own a skeleton in a scary box in the dark!
Becky: Well, I don’t want to open it…
Debs: Let’s get the Roomraider guy to open it for us.
Becky: OK.


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