Captain America: The Winter Soldier – A Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Marvel Studios says:


captain-america-poster- Yes!

Yes, I am!

I volunteer as tribute!

Marvel Studios heard my plaintive cries for succour and sent me along to the preview screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and I’m really excited to tell you all about it in this (spoiler-free) movie review!

So, right, Steve Rogers (or Captain America, as he is more commonly known) is flexing his box-office muscle and he is looking fiiiiiiiiiine!


Chris Evans being awesome

The movie does away with all the sissy crybaby stuff from the first film and goes straight for the adrenaline-soaked old-school action, all shot on location in Washington D.C. and aboard the good ship Sea Launch Commander, as the recently defrosted Steve Rogers opens up a Can of Whoopass and then passes it around to all his newfound friends – Black Widow, Falcon and Shaft (who goes by the name of Nick Fury in this movie).

Moral of the story is: Sharing is good! We must all learn to share with our friends!

Along the way, there are wheel-screeching car chases, explosions, death-defying skydives, explosions, the resurrection and the life, explosions, shield-thumping combat, explosions, shocking political plot-twists, explosions and last-minute rescues!

You know me, it's my duty to...bring you the very best violence!!!

You know me, it’s my duty to…bring you the very best violence!!!

The only things that are missing from this film are robots and Godzilla but who cares about that?!!

I mean, at one point, Captain America even takes down a fighter jet in hand-to-plane combat!

That is some hardcore badassitude, right there, my friend!

And of course, there are the awesome special effects which are brilliantly and cleanly executed with sparing use of computer animation!

In the words of the great and venerable Mr Torgue Flexington:

I am here to ask you one question, and one question only: EXPLOSIONS?!!!!!

Scary looking dude

The title of the movie, The Winter Soldier, refers to The Bad Guy with his super-shiny metal arm and his super-secret identity that is a secret even to himself (but of course, if you paying any attention at all to the film or you’re a Marvel fan, you’ll know who it is). Watching this dangerous fellow wrestle a car to the ground is intriguing.

The real intrigue, however, lies in the story which is as tangled as a plate of spaghetti (with plenty of sauce) and let me tell you something:





Samuel L Jackson and Robert Redford are all about the business. Show business.


Both Shaft and The Condor (who plays Alexander Pierce) bring weight and credibility to their roles in this one. Their allegiances are quite clear cut although the movie tries its utmost best to keep you guessing:

Who’s the bad guy? Who’s the good guy? Who knows? And do we care?

Well, if you’re confused, just listen to the Captain’s Words of Wisdom:

Steve Rogers brings to the table a refreshing mix of genuine wholesomeness with a sprinkle of derisive self-deprecation which makes him a real treat to watch and stops the movie from being too flippant. It’s terrific fun seeing him banter with the Black Widow, and honestly heartbreaking to see him visit his bedridden old flame from the 1940s.


Are you lookin’ at me? In 3-D?

I watched the film in Eye-popping 3D, but I honestly feel that 3D for this film is probably a waste of time as the 3D effects are very limited – so save your pennies for popcorn, and just catch it on the Regular Big Screen. That will be more than enough to enjoy the all the fun (and explosions).

Look at my date!

Look at my date!

I am ready to pledge my allegiance to Captain America, you guys!

Debs G rates Captain America: The Winter Solder – A two-handed fist bump and a BOOYAH!

Look out for Stan Lee’s inevitable cameo, as well as a nod to TV sitcom Community from the directors of the film, and a brief appearance from our very own Chin Han (who even gets to say a line!)…oh, and stay to the very end of the credits for TWO teasers which got me very excited about some future Marvel crossovers!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is showing in cinemas across Singapore from 27 March 2014.

(Thanks to Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures for inviting me to watch the preview of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.)


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