Three Awesome Children’s Books (and an exclusive discount code!)

We’ve been discovering a whole bunch of lovely new books that are fast becoming highly requested favourites from the Owls Well library which I just cannot wait to share with you!

Here are three of our most recent additions to the Owls Well bedside table:

1. Moon Rabbit by Natalie RussellSGD$8.90 (RRP$12.60)


This sweet story about Little Rabbit who makes a wish on the moon for companionship is beautifully illustrated by author (and artist) Natalie Russell. Little E loves this book so much that she will quite often sit quietly and look at the pictures by the hour!

Natalie Russell also has some free printable activities pages available on her website (which has some very lovely pictures!) that will help kids to think about the story in greater detail.


2. Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss – SGD$8.90 (RRP$20.00)

This is a completely hilarious book that has us all in stitches. It starts off simple, and then gets really zany as the Fox in Socks challenges his friend Knox to a battle of tongue twisters! Now that J is starting to read on his own, this book is really great for getting him to practice.

We take turns to read and try to see who can complete each section without making mistakes – although it is really hard because we all start getting the giggles!

There’s also a Fox in Socks activity sheet that you can download from the Dr Seuss official website here.

3. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle: SGD$16.90 (RRP$22.40)


Here’s a nice little board book with plenty of rhyme and repetition, illustrated with Eric Carle’s signature collages. I really like reading this one to the kids and making up all the different animal noises as we go along! It also comes with an audio CD so that you can play it in the car – makes for a nice and sedate car journey.

Afterwards, it may be worth trying to make some painted tissue papers with your preschoolers in order to create some colourful collage illustrations together – just follow these simple instructions from the Eric Carle Official Website.

By the way, all the books are available at our favourite online bookstore, The Groovy Giraffe (You can find out more about The Groovy Giraffe here) which is currently celebrating their milestone of 1000 Facebook Likes! Congratulations, guys!

A Bonus for All Owls Well Readers:  Just enter the coupon code ‘owls15’ at checkout to enjoy a hefty 15% off all the books in the Children’s category (on top of the already heavily discounted prices!). Coupon code is valid until 18th March 2014!

(All prices printed are correct at the time of this post. We are proud to be part of The Groovy Giraffe’s affiliate programme. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Owls Well possible!)


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