Dinner date: Miam Miam – French cuisine, Japanese style!

SONY DSCLast week, the good folk from Miam Miam invited us round for a food tasting at their new branch at Westgate mall, conveniently located near Jurong East MRT station. I am always on the lookout for lovely places to eat near the west end of Singapore (as well as any excuse to have a quiet dinner with The Husband), so I made arrangements for J and Little E to spend the evening with the Aged Ps, and headed off for an indulgent evening of haute cuisine!

SONY DSCMiam Miam at Westgate is located in a lovely corner opposite a sparkling fountain and some tall palms. This quiet spot is cool, breezy and shady, which makes it the perfect place for dining al fresco, which is what we did, even though there was still plenty of indoor seating to be had.

I noticed that the restaurant had plenty of highchairs and the staff were very friendly and welcoming. This would be the ideal place to bring children, especially if you choose the outdoor seating, as there is plenty of room for them to run around and get all the wiggles out whilst waiting for their meal!


I also really liked the comfortable, casual interior with its pastel painted furnishing and open plan kitchen. It felt like lounging at home, listening to the music of the pots and pans clacking rhythmically in the kitchen, whilst being enveloped in a most delicious haze of aromas.

This multisensory approach to dining is inspired by the old-fashioned Japanese kissaten, or tearoom, which aims to bring across a sense of nostalgia that invites patrons to linger thoughtfully over a cup of coffee.

The staff at Miam Miam are very proud of their Japanese ideologies, which they have incorporated into the preparation of their French cuisine. They have adopted a very disciplined approach to their cooking, disdaining pre-made mixes and ensuring that every dish is made-to-order from scratch and the freshest ingredients.

Indeed, whilst we were making our selection from the menu, there were certain foods on the menu that were not available – because not all the raw ingredients were available the day and the chefs refused to compromise on quality by skimping on the quantities! I guess that just means that we will have to visit again on another day!

Berries Soda (S$7.20) Very refreshing!

Berries Soda (S$7.20)

I started out with a tall, tall glass of Berries Soda, which is a light drink of fizzy tonic water with fresh crushed berries and garnished with mint leaves. Oh, it was lovely to see the cut strawberries and blueberries floating on the top!

Hot Cafe Au Lait (SGD$5.80)

Hot Cafe Au Lait (SGD$5.80)

The Husband ordered a steaming hot cup of Cafe au Lait, which he described as “Creamy!”

“Creamy!” – The Husband

I also tried an Iced Matcha Latte with Matcha Softee (SGD$8.80) at the end of the meal. The flavour of the matcha was very intense yet smooth and refreshing with a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness! I found out later that the green tea is made with the highest quality Grade 1 matcha imported directly from Hokkaido.

It’s no wonder than many of Miam Miam’s patrons just come to enjoy the ambience over a cup of green tea!

Riz Au Curry (SGD$15.50)

Riz Au Curry (SGD$15.50)

For the main course, I decided to try the Riz au Curry, which is a baked rice dish with homemade Japanese curry, pork frankfurters, brocolli, cheese and egg and is served bubbling hot in small cast iron pot.

My first bite into this deceptively simple dish was met with a rich burst of flavours. Apparently, the recipe for this dish uses nearly 30 different ingredients in the curry. It was incredibly decadent and very filling. I would recommend that this is a dish that is best enjoyed when shared between two people!

One of the benefits of having each order made from scratch is that the kitchen staff are highly aware of every single ingredient incorporated into each dish. This makes it so much easier if you have a food allergy as you can have much more confidence in the staff recommendations. The Husband has an intolerance to soy, and the kitchen was confident that there were no soy-additives in any of the foods that they recommended.

Bolognese Spagetti (SGD$14.80)

Pasta Bolognese (SGD$14.80)

The Husband eventually settled for the Pasta Bolognese, which was served to us with spaghetti noodles. The pasta dishes are seasonal and change every six to nine months, in accordance to what is available locally.

The pasta included a very generous helping of perfectly al dente spaghetti which suited The Husband’s appetite (although it would have been slightly too much for myself alone). The sauce for the pasta appeared thick at first glance, but turned soupy after the poached egg and cheese had been mixed into the sauce. It was also very heavy on the garlic, to the point where it tasted more like a garlic sauce with just the tiniest whiff of tomato in it. I would say that this is not the best meal if you’re on a first date and you’re hoping to steal a kiss at the end of it! (However, if you’re hoping to kill some germs with the power of garlic, then this is the meal for you.)

Which brings me to the most anticipated part of the meal: DESSERT!

Matcha Souffle (SGD $10.80) and Vanilla Souffle (SGD$9.80)

Matcha Souffle (SGD $10.80) and Vanilla Souffle (SGD$9.80)

We had the opportunity to share quite a number of desserts. I believe that the next time I visit, I may skip the main course next time and just head straight for the sweets!

The Matcha souffle and the Vanilla souffle (pictured above) were light, airy and rather nice, but my favourite the Famous French Toast (pictured below), which comes in a very generous portion and is topped with a dollop of freshly whipped cream and a bottle of maple syrup. Each toast square is soaked in silky egg, and had a ever-so-lightly crisped exterior whilst being fluffy on the inside.

Clockwise from the top: Famous French Toast (SGD$9.80), Apples & Granola Pancake (SGD$12.80) and Matcha with Red Bean Cream Pancake (SGD$12.80)

Clockwise from the top: Famous French Toast (SGD$9.80), Apples & Granola Pancake (SGD$12.80) and Matcha Pancake with Red Bean Cream (SGD$12.80)

I also really liked the Apples & Granola Pancake which featured an incredible, two-inch thick pancake, with the sweetness of the softserve icecream combined with crunchy granola, crisp and tart Granny Smith apples and juicy Red apples. Add to that the warm spicy cinnamon and we have a winner!

The Husband’s favourite dessert was (surprisingly) the Matcha Pancake with Red Bean Cream. This was served with little squares of green matcha jelly and incredibly potent expresso jelly. I didn’t particularly enjoy this myself, but I noticed that this was a real favourite with the men at the restaurant, who seemed to have a preference for the bolder flavours!

Debs G rates Miam Miam: One sigh of satisfaction and a slightly uncomfortable burp!

You can find Miam Miam at their Website, Facebook page or at their outlets in

  • Bugis Junction: #02-14, 200 Victoria Street, S(188021)
  • Westgate: #01-21/22, 2 Gateway Drive, S(608532)

Opening Hours are 11:30am to 10:00pm daily!


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