Legends of the Fall (1994): What I have learned

What are they looking at?

What are they looking at?

So last night, The Husband (henceforth known as TH) and I rented out the 1994 movie, Legends of the Fall.

Why did we choose this movie?

Well, we picked it for the following reasons:

1. I hadn’t seen it before.

2. I was planning to see it in the theatres in 1994 but what with one thing and another, I just never got round to it.

3. Brad Pitt.[1]

4. TH said that it was a good movie and he was willing to watch it again with me. And also, he owes me because I watched Primer[2] with him.

Mommy warning: This is NOT a family film. It doesn’t even have themes that could possibly lead to interesting discussions with your teens, unless your topic for discussion is ‘Hey, that guy is handsome, but a jerk. Don’t ever bring home someone like that. Ever.’

Anyhow, we spent most of the film alternately comforting and chastening the various main characters, so our conversation went something like this:

I: yah yah yah enough talking and BRING ON THE HANDSOME BOYS!

TH: There’s only one handsome boy in this film.

I: The other guy is handsome too, right?

TH: No. He is not.

I: Well, I stand corrected then.

I: That boy is asking for trouble, bringing this girl home when he has two big brothers milling around the farm looking good all day long. Why doesn’t he just marry her already?

TH: We already know she’s going to turn out to be a tart because she dumps Arthur for Lancelot in the next show. Typecast, I say. TYPE. CAST.

I: Oh look well now the Germans have done it. He’s going to go all Dances with Wolves on them. Why didn’t they just send him for the recce in the first place? I mean, he managed to get in and wander around the camp covered in blood and scalps without getting killed.

TH: It’s probably because they saw him and thought ‘Whoa! We should stay away from that guy. He’s crrrraaaaaazy.’

I: SCUM SCUM SCUM SCUM SCUM *throws balled up tissues at screen*

TH: Will you just calm down?

I: NO! That guy is being a scum! And he’s doing all scummy things! And being scummy with it! The scum! SCUM!

TH: We already knew from the beginning that he was going to be scum.

I: Well then why didn’t you doing anything about it? Don’t just sit there, DO SOMETHING! He’s making Sabrina cry! DON’T CRY SABRINA FAIRCHILD!

TH: It’s ok. Indiana Jones will save her. You shouldn’t expect too much from this guy anyway. We know he’s secretly a vampire.

and so on.

Anyway, at the end of the movie, one of the main characters says to his brother:

I followed all of the rules, man’s and God’s. And you, you followed none of them. And they all loved you more.

Hey there, Mr Pitt-the-younger

Hey there, Mr Pitt-the-younger

Which I think is oftentimes very true.

People with charisma are hardly ever totally square and straight-laced. TH says it’s because we are naturally drawn to those with unpredictable natures because they are just more interesting, and gaining that person’s affection or friendship feels so much more special and rewarding because it is more of a challenge to achieve. Like taming a wild animal, I suppose.

But really, it’s got nothing to do with being square or octagonal, being tame or wild. He was just the prettier one with the prettier smile.

It is Brad Pitt, after all.

Debs G rates Legends of the Fall: 6 out of 10 stars! Good for a girly night involving popcorn that you can throw at the screen at appropriate moments.

1. He amuses me. And he has lovely hair.
2. Two words: Absolutely incomprehensible.


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    • It links to the 2nd footnote at the end of the post – works on Safari and Chrome! Haven’t tested it on Firefox, though.

      Ah, so you’re the into the SHARPP-looking type (Short Hair And Ripped++) eh?

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