Love Festival Special: Peach and Honey Purin

Apparently today is the Love Festival in which chocolates are given to coworkers, bosses, classmates, senpais, significant others, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, partners and friends.

Puddings in the steamer

Puddings in the steamer

Since I’m hardly a traditional person and because the weather is both dreary and hot, I’ve decided to spend my Lupercalia night with a simple Japanese pudding.

Peaches are in season and I’ve recently received a fresh shipment of fresh honey from Droo’s apiary, so I’ve decided to combine these two creme caramel recipes to make a brand new pudding recipe.  Specifically, I’m using the creme caramel recipe from the first one, and the peach topping from the second, but reducing the sugar in both.

However, if you’re looking for a much simpler pudding recipe, this is the one I usually use.

Pot o' Hot bubbling sugar.  Watch out.

Pot o’ Hot bubbling sugar. Watch out.

By the way, if you’re not really sure what sugar looks like when it’s caramelised, or this is your first time making caramel, please for the love of all that is safety, use a candy thermometer.  This goes double if you’re using brown or dark brown sugar because a brown sugar and water mixture looks quite a bit like caramel to the untrained eye.  Generally, the sugar will bubble madly for some time, then clump up as it thickens before slowly smoothing out into a beautiful caramel.  I usually cook it until the soft ball or hard ball stage.

Sugar melts at the same temperature as molten glass.  Do NOT make the mistake that I did the first time I made caramel – do NOT stick your finger in to test it.  The result is not pretty[1].

Millions of peaches, peaches for free.  Millions of peaches, peaches for me.

Millions of peaches, peaches for me.

While the puddings were steaming, I cut the peaches into decorative slices and mixed them with lemon and sugar.  They’ll go atop the puddings when they’re done.

The next morning, I had the puddings all ready to be eaten!  Just cut them out with a knife, flip them over onto a plate and voila!  Delicious pudding for everyone.  Or rather, for me.

PUDDING!  So smooth and shiny... Great on a rainy day.

PUDDING! So smooth and shiny… Great on a rainy day.

If you’re wondering about the bits on top and the overall look, I didn’t remove the bubbles from the pudding mix.  The quickest way to do so is to pour the mix slowly through a sieve.  I steamed them for a mite too long too.  Still, all in all, the taste is great and it’s 90% smoothed out anyway.

[1] In the 3 seconds immediately following the initial burning of my finger, I put my finger in my mouth to cool it. It was like a beautiful ballet of stupidity. I could not taste anything but pain for two weeks after that.


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