Pins and Needles

Check it out, isn't it adorable?

Check it out, isn’t it adorable?

To facilitate neatness in my home as well as provide a storage space for my sewing supplies, I recently purchased a large and most beautiful sewing box from Morris and Sons.  It was a bit of an impulse purchase.  I was really at the shop to buy thread, but when I saw this adorable box on the shelf, I just had to have it.  The red-striped cover was so cute and I loved the soothing blue sewing kit pattern on the side too!

What's in the box?

What’s in the box?

As far as sewing boxes go, it’s mid range but not exactly the greatest.  The hinge on the box doesn’t allow it to open fully, which means it collapses shut when it’s opened.  Instead of tiers, it only has a single removable plastic tray for organising stuff, which is a bit of a drawback because I am constantly knocking the tray over and and scattering its contents when it’s out.  It does come with a built-in pincushion and pockets to hold my sewing patterns, which is a plus.  It’s also got a good, sturdy carry handle and enough space in it to hold all my stuff.

Of course, it’s not much of a sewing box if it isn’t fully stocked.  In the tray, I have a good pair of embroidery scissors, a pair of gold-plated size 24 needles, a retractable measuring tape and two colours of DMC thread that I am using on my current project.  Inside the box, I have a good 2 metres of 16-count aida cloth (my favourite size to work with) and assorted DMC threads, which are all strung out on these tiny thread hangers.

My favourite tool of all of these are the scissors, by the way, which cost me a good $50.  They’re a pair of super-sharp and incredibly accurate Gingher embroidery scissors and come with their own leather sheath.  These scissors were specifically made for embroidery thread and they’re perfect at busting apart knots when you need to unpick things without damaging the threads below them, a feature that I regularly make use of when working on cross stitching projects.

What’s in your sewing box, Debs?  I know that you own a sewing machine, so I bet the contents totally differ from mine.

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