A Groovy Return to School (and an exclusive discount code!)

It has been really busy for me this week! Little E started school for the very first time and it has been a challenging time for her as she adjusts to a more structured morning routine.

I always try my best to encourage and support my kids by doing plenty of education-based activities with them at home using learning aids. I hope that by doing this, I will be able to avoid having to send the kids for after-school tuition classes in the future.

Here are a couple of really brilliant (and affordable) learning aids for preschoolers from our favourite online bookstore The Groovy Giraffe:


1. Fisher-Price: Fun with Alphabets Flash Cards – SGD$6.90 (RRP: SGD$9.50)

These alphabet flashcards are great for teaching children how to recognise letters and associate the letters with the phonetic sounds. A good grounding in phonics is one of the keys to learning how to read! These cards are sturdy and small enough to be carried around in your bag so they are great for whipping out at a moment’s notice if you want to keep your kids gainfully occupied during long bus rides (or at wedding dinners). The bright and vibrant illustrations are super-cute too, and would look great on the wall of the nursery!

There’s also a Fisher-Price flash card set of Numbers as well as a set of colours and shapes

2. Sesame Street Colors, Shapes & Opposites Flash Cards – SGD$4.50 (RRP: SGD$0.73)

If your kids are Sesame Street fans, this set of cards would be right up your alley! This set of cards comes with a ton of suggestions for card games and activities that you can play with your kids. What a fun way to reinforce the different colours and shapes with your preschooler. Little E is currently into matching memory games, so this set would be great for her! When they outgrow the cards, you can still pick out your favourites and have them framed – they would be awesome for brightening up a room!

3. Shapes – Photographic Learning Lacing Cards – SGD $16.50 (RRP: SGD$12.90)

I like lacing cards for encouraging kids to develop their fine motor skills, and these cards have lovely pictures of toys that form different basic shapes . Lacing cards can really keep my kids occupied for ages. Since the cards are flat and take up very little room, they are brilliant to take along for long journeys (especially aeroplane rides, for when you really need them to sit quietly in one place!).

4. Read & Write Inc. Phonics & Flashcards In A Bag – SGD $46.90 (RRP: SGD $85.80)

This set of nine storybooks are part of Read & Write Inc, a hugely successful literacy programme in the UK developed by Ruth Miskin, who is one of the leading authorities in the UK on teaching children to read. The beautifully illustrated storybooks help to reinforce and develop the learning of phonics, and this set includes 64 sound picture flashcards as well as a helpful manual for parents to help their kids to learn to read. At less than fifty bucks, this set is a real bargain!

5. DK First Reference: Science Encyclopedia – SGD $13.90 (RRP S$21.98)

Most preschoolers love to ask questions about the world and this is a brilliant book that will help you to answer all their millions of questions! The book covers earth and space science, physical science as well as life science. The gorgeous close-up photographs and full colour illustrations will really guide your budding young scientist on their journey of discovery and inspire them to think and make observations about our amazing world. You can also get the DK First Atlas if you want to help your kids find out more about other countries and cultures!


By the way, The Groovy Giraffe also has a massive selection of assessment books for both primary and secondary school students, and some of these are currently available at the ridiculously low price of SGD$2.90 at their Back to School Sale! THAT IS CHEAP AS FREE!!!

A Bonus for Owls Well Readers: Use our exclusive promotion code ‘owlsb2sch‘ for an additional 20% discount on any book or item in the Education category with a minimum storewide spend of SGD$30 (valid from now until 31st January 2014). Local shipping within Singapore is free for orders above SGD$60.

(All prices printed are correct at the time of this post. We are proud to be part of The Groovy Giraffe’s affiliate programme. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Owls Well possible!)


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