A Groovy Gift Guide – 20 gifts (mostly) under $20, and an exclusive discount code!)

Are you getting excited about the upcoming holiday season? It’s 2 weeks until Christmas! I always feel that Christmas is such a great excuse for gift giving but I despise battling the crowds at the shopping malls -which is why online shopping is the place for me.

I’m very excited to share with you all…our brand new sponsor, The Groovy Giraffe.

The Groovy Giraffe is an online bookstore set up by a local husband and wife team. When their son was born this year, they were astonished by the exorbitant prices of children’s books sold in our local brick-and-mortar shops, which is why they founded an online bookstore with the goal of helping readers save money on good books.

I just bought two books from them recently and they were delivered to me in only three working days in beautiful condition, so I think this is a great place if you’re looking for some last minute gifts. There’s a very wide range selection of titles, and the prices on their website are UNBELIEVEABLE. I’ll never pay the recommended retail price for any of my books every again!

The books on The Groovy Giraffe are all brand new titles from publishers and suppliers who need to liquidate their overstocks – so all the savings are passed onto customers like myself, and whats more, they offer free local delivery for purchases over SGD$60!

If you are looking for some ideas for gifts this December, here are my suggestions for all the people in your life, young and old! Happy Shopping!

For the preschoolers and tiny tots:


  1. Baby Touch Car – SGD$7.00 (RRP:$9.48) I love the ‘Baby Touch’ series of touch-and-feel books for tiny little ones. They usually have very thick, sturdy boards with a great range of textures which are able to hold up to rough use.
  2. Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories by Dr Seuss – SGD$7.90 (RRP$20.00) Dr Seuss is a wonderful author and most kids would be familiar with ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and ‘Horton Hears a Who’, which were both made into really great films. I personally like this set of short poems by Dr Seuss which are not only hilarious, but also great for emerging readers.
  3. Wipe Clean Early Learning Fun Farm by Roger Priddy – SGD$6.90 (RRP$9.25) This range of activity books are really popular with my kids because of their bright, glossy illustrations and pages that can be wiped clean and reused time and again. This is great to take on long plane journeys or to 3 hour long wedding banquets because the books are jam-packed with tons of fun activities that will keep a small child meaningfully (and quietly) occupied for hours.
  4. Laura’s Star (Book and CD set) by Klaus Baumgart – SGD$10.60 (RRP$15.18) This is a beautiful storybook is one of J’s favourites and is about a lonely little girl who finds a fallen star and who realises that her new friend needs help returning to where it belongs. Laura’s solution to the star’s dilemma is lovely and shows how true friendship is unselfish. The watercolour illustrations in this story are gorgeous too.
  5. The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers – SGD$10.90 (RRP$16.90) Oliver Jeffers is one of our favourite author-illustrators and we love his heartwarming, quirky stories about friendship and awesome graphics. This particular story is another of J’s favourites because it takes the form of an exciting intergalactic adventure!

For Confident Readers and Bigger Kids:


  1. Thomas the Tank Engine 65th Anniversary Edition by The Rev.  W. Awdry – SGD$14.90 (RRP$37.28)  This is a collection of the original, unabridged stories of Thomas the Tank Engine, with full colour reproductions of the original illustrations by C. Reginald Dalby. It also includes a little bit behind the creation of the famous Railway series and would be a great gift for Thomas fans! I am seriously coveting this hard cover collector’s edition for J and Little E’s library!
  2. Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo – SGD$6.90 (RRP$9.73) Kensuke’s Kingdom is the first Michael Morpurgo book that I have ever read and is a poignant story about a shipwrecked little boy who meets a mysterious Japanese soldier. It’s no wonder that this book has won so many prizes. (You can also get all the 16 book box set which is a real bargain at SGD$84.90)
  3. The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin – SGD $8.90 (RRP$10.95) If you’re a fan of critically acclaimed writer George R.R. Martin and the HBO series Game Of Thrones, then there is no better way to introduce your young reader to the world of fantasy than with this novella written specially for the young adult!
  4. Global Birding: Travelling the World in Search of Birds by Les Beletsky – SGD$19.90 (RRP$63.08) This National Geographic encyclopaedia is a real steal! With gorgeous glossy photographs and illustrations, this practical reference book would such make a wonderful gift (and it’d look great on the coffee table too!).
  5. Blubber by Judy Blume – SGD$4.90 ($8.43) Judy Blume is a great author for tweens and deals with difficult issues with great sensitivity and insight without tipping over the edge into perversion. This particular classic novel deals with bullying in school.

For Grownups (or those who are kids at heart)


  1. The Life of Birds by Quentin Blake SGD$18.90 (RRP$40.00) Looking at Quentin Blake’s illustrations always brings me back to my childhood so when I saw this book on sale, I just had to nab a copy for myself! In this book, Quentin Blake lets his imagination roam free in a series of evocative watercolours depicting his observations of birds (and human nature).
  2. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins SGD$26.90 (RRP$45.54) Ok, I realise that this box set costs a little over $20 but it’s totally worth it! The Hunger Games Trilogy is a brilliant series about a dystopian future where children are forced into a gladiator-style reality TV programme. Very exciting and a great way to introduce a young adult to the wonderful world of Science Fiction.
  3. Scientific Process Goes “Boink” A Calvin and Hobbes Collection by Bill Watterson SGD$8.90 (RRP$16.24) Bill Watterson’s wit, imagination and dedication to quality really shines through in this fun collection of comic strips! Cheeky Calvin and his best tiger friend Hobbes have made me laugh and cry in equal measures.
  4. Plush-O-Rama: Curious Creatures for Immature Adults SGD$19.90 (RRP$28.48) This is a brilliant DIY Kit that comes with all the materials to make two of the projects in the accompanying ‘Plush-O-Rama’ book which helps crafters create their own oddball handmade plushies. What a great gift for a crafty lady!
  5. Jamie’s America: Easy Twists on Great American Classic, and More SGD$14.90 (RRp$46.88) Jamie Oliver is one of my favourite celebrity chefs and I like the way that he tries to empower and educate people through his recipes. I couldn’t resist getting a copy for myself!

For the Early Parent and the Fun Family:young-parent-family-friendly-book-activity

  1. Feeding Made Easy –  From Weaning to School:The Ultimate Guide to Contented Family Mealtimes by Gina Ford SGD$16.90 (RRP:$37.34) Ok, I don’t agree with everything that the lovely Gina Ford says about raising children, but her guide to when and how to introduce different foods, tastes and textures is absolutely spot on. I found her recipes and ideas very helpful (and delicious!) This book is a must-have for any new parent (or anyone struggling with fussy eaters).
  2. Baby Journal (The Dirty Wow Wow Baby Journal) SGD$11.90 (RRP:$22.44) I love Baby Journals as gifts for the expectant parent – they make such great keepsakes! This book is not only full of lovely photographs (from Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz’s Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories), but has plenty of room to record all those special moments and milestones that mums and dads will not want to forget.
  3. Cupcakes SGD$14.90 (RRP:$37.44) This is a great box set of 48 cupcake recipes and comes with a whole host of tools (mixing spoon, paper cases, piping bag and nozzles, egg separator and measuring spoons) so it’s a real bargain! What better way to encourage parent-child bonding than over some delicious cupcakes?
  4. Elmo Dominos in a Tube SGD$16.90 (RRP:$37.20) Fans of Elmo and the Muppets from Sesame Street will be sure to love this brilliant cannister of dominos! It’s small enough to take along for visits to the grandparents place too. This will make a fun family present!
  5. Geronimo Stilton Cookbook: Fun recipes for Parents and Kids to Cook Together SGD$9.90 (RRP$14.50) This is a supercute recipe book with loads of easy, delicious dishes for families to spend time together in the kitchen – and it’s a great way to show kids that they can express their creativity through food as well.

A Bonus for all Owls Well Readers: Use the coupon code ‘Owlswell’ to get 5% off your order on everything in store forever (except the already heavily discounted ‘Bargains’ section which contain books that are cheap-as-free).

(All prices printed are correct at the time of this post. We are proud to be part of The Groovy Giraffe’s affiliate programme. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Owls Well possible!)

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