Noms on Wheels: Jafe Jaffles

The last time I visited the Nighthawk Diner, I mentioned that Lacey and I were full up on Jaffles.

What are Jaffles, you ask?

Well, according to Jafe Jaffles owner, Luke, Jaffles (pronounced Jaffles as in Jam and not Yaffles as in Ja) are the most Australian sandwich ever.

Jaffles are made in a Jaffle Iron, which is basically a kind of sandwich maker.  In days of yore, Jaffle Irons were long-handled cast-iron medieval bread torturing devices, which were held over a fire.  Modern Jaffle Irons are electric and about as dangerous, though they take slightly less time to cook things.  The resulting sandwich produced by such a device is automatically crimped diagonally and toasted through so that the fillings have partially melted.  Jaffle fillings are varied and insane in a manner that only an Australian sandwich can be.

Luke in front of his truck

Luke in front of his truck

Jafe Jaffles is another of the many food trucks that have been circling Sydney city.  A bright yellow combi, with a cute logo and extremely friendly staff, Jafe Jaffles has a pretty typical menu for a Jaffle shoppe, with such completely insane Australian fare as:

  • Homemade Spaghetti bolognese and cheese
  • Raisin and rice pudding
  • Creamed corn and cheese
  • Caramello Banana and Hazelnut
  • Cabbage and Mayo (staff favourite)

As well as exotic fillings from their own kitchens like:

  • Butter chicken
  • Poached chicken, basil and almond
  • Japanese charsiew pork belly in forbidden sauce
...and promptly gained ALL the pounds.

…and promptly gained ALL the pounds.

Luke informed me that if I hadn’t yet eaten a spaghetti and cheese Jaffle, I hadn’t lived.  However, as I am a firm believer of desserts first in any setting, I purchased the Choc-a-doodle-doo Jaffle, which consisted of nutella and banana filling in a pastry shell and topped with vanilla ice cream and toasted coconut flakes.

The Jaffle was quite nice.  The toasted bananas really complemented nutella filling very well and the ice cream and coconut shavings helped to give the overall dish a semi-tropical flavour.  The pastry shell was crunchy, but slightly squidgy towards the middle, particularly after the hot sandwich started melting and absorbing the ice cream.  The dish was a little bit difficult to eat with the provided plastic forks, but I managed to scarf all of it down anyway.  Overall, though, it was pretty tasty.

The energy from Jafe Jaffles staff and owners is truly contagious, bringing a new meaning to service with a smile.  The sheer level of enthusiasm really made me very interested in the product, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Jafe Jaffles will be at Food Trucks United at Belmore Park tonight (6th December 2013).  I’ll be there as well, so do come along and enjoy feasting on the many delicious things they have on offer.


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