Midweek break: Long walks on the beach at sunset (with kids)


They are full of woe.

My energy levels always take a dive mid-week, and they are the worst in the late afternoon, so it helps me to get away from the usual evening routine of cook-eat-bathe-sleep.

Last Wednesday afternoon, I loaded the kids in the car after their nap and headed for the outdoors. My husband’s office is located on the east end of Singapore, so I decided to pick him up from work (he usually commutes via public transport) and go to East Coast Park together. Along the way, we stopped to get some takeaway for dinner.

It was lovely on the beach, sitting on our picnic mat and looking out at the ships whilst eating our dinner. Afterwards, I rinsed off our plastic cups and utensils, and showed the children how to use them to make simple sandcastles.

We used the plastic forks to rake the sand around each castle into neat little furrows, making patterns in the sand so that it looked like a japanese dry-landscape garden.


Raked sand and sandcastles

As the tide was beginning to come in, the kids left off their landscaping and went off to stomp in the waves, leaving me to continue quietly swirl the sand into tidy little furrows and indulge all my obsessive-compulsive needs.


Raking sand is oddly calming

One of the lovely things about East Coast Park is watching the ships in the harbour begin to light up as the sun sets behind the trees. The lights on the water are just so pretty.


The first few ships turn on their lights as the sun begins goes down

J and Little E love playing at the edge of the surf. Our waters are very sheltered so the waves never grow very big, so it is safe for them play by the water’s edge. They could probably safely swim in the water too, but I personally feel that the water quality at East Coast Park is rather terrible (pollution from the ships is unavoidable), which is why we never go swimming in the sea here.


Sand play at sunset

Best of all, whilst the kids are playing with their dad, I get to lounge quietly on the sand, just lounging and being quiet.




Debs says Relax


5 thoughts on “Midweek break: Long walks on the beach at sunset (with kids)

  1. Have always enjoyed the beach, and we do try to make our way over to ECP once in a while, and it’s always good for me because I relax while daddy does all the fun and games and kid-watching. LOL…so I totally get your bliss!

    • Yes, I think it’s good to step back and let the kids have private time with daddy – and it gives daddy free rein to do whatevr he wants without me tut-tutting over his shoulder.

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