Weekend Special: Our 2013 Advent Calendar


The kids are finally in bed so I’ve mounted this year’s advent calendar on the door of their room. I’m so excited – can’t wait to see their little faces tomorrow morning when they discover it and see what’s inside.

Each little envelope has little cards with a Christmas-themed activity on it and coupons that they can exchange for sweeties and little treats! I printed out these envelopes or ‘treat bags’ from Yellow Bliss Road and they didn’t take very long to assemble at all. Just print, cut out and glue together (or use tape!) and it’s all done!

I’ve arranged the cards in the shape of a Christmas tree using some blutack, with a little paper star on the top. Not bad for a last minute Christmas craft!

P.S. Check out my suggestions for Christmas crafts, printables and ideas.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Special: Our 2013 Advent Calendar

    • Oooooooh those chocolate advent calendars are a trap! For years I thought that those advent calendars only had little windows with pictures in them…until I discovered that A Becky Lee used to eat all the chocolates up on the first day!

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