Tuesdays with Little E

So, I met up with one of our Cousins recently, and she was asking me what I do at home with Little E when J is at school.

This is a question that I have been asked quite often, usually by people who have no kids or who are moms who work outside the home full-time. They aren’t being rude or condescending, just curious. I guess they can’t imagine spending so much time outside the office!

In any case, I actually find this question quite difficult to answer, because I don’t actually feel that I am ‘doing’ anything – Little E is usually the one who is ‘doing’ something whilst I act as a facilitator.

Anyway, here’s a little video I made on typical Tuesday morning with Little E [1]. Hopefully, it’ll give you some idea as to how I spend my time when I’m at home.

1. You may notice in the video that Little E puts on a CD of her favourite tunes. This is her current favourite music album which is a compilation of Beatles #1 hits (or, as J likes to call it, music from The Singing Liverpool Bugs). She particularly likes ‘Yellow Submarine’ (although she insists that the song is actually called ‘A Lello Soup Tureen’).


23 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Little E

  1. What a beautiful and heartwarming video of a day in the life of Lil E….She’s such a joyful and gorgeous lil gal, this only goes to show you’ve been doing a great job as a SAHM – the most noble of all professions in the world.

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