Of Panda Sandwiches and Pretty Lunchboxes

Lacey tells me that the Japanese people don’t exactly like to eat the crusts on their bread, hence the invention of things like Sando de Panda, a sandwich-maker that doesn’t need plugging in or toasting.  This guy’s diet doesn’t seem to be very healthy, but he sure seems to be having a fun time making his food!

I must admit, I’ve always been enamoured of the Japanese bento boxes that I see on television.  They just look so fun and appetising, with all the sausages cut into octopuses, cherry tomatoes sitting cutely in lettuce leaves and bright and colourful rice balls.  I expect that it takes a vast amount of time to get food to look that delicious, although I’m sure that tools help.

I mean look at this adorable panda sandwich!  It’s so, so cute.  I mean, I’d never use one myself, owing to the fact that it seems a bit of a waste to throw away those breadcrusts and I don’t have enough storage space for these sorts of things, but look how adorable it is!

Do J and Little E enjoy things like this?  Do you bother making their lunchboxes fun and cute?


7 thoughts on “Of Panda Sandwiches and Pretty Lunchboxes

  1. I reckon I’d be a terrible Japanese mum, way too lazy :<

    The device's name also appears to be a dad-level pun…

    The fancy bento are great, though I hear it can be a bit stressful for mother and kid alike. No kid wants to be seen with a lame bento (ie. showing much love and care) in the company of their friends, and mum has to make something with (to my mind) an insane amount of variety, EVERY DAY!

    • The name is a pun? Where is the pun? I must know this for my knowledge!

      To be honest, I have no idea how Japanese housewives do it. I mean, it all looks so simple in anime and manga, then you try it out yourself and you end up with egg on the walls and unknown burnt goop in your cooking pot and you’re sitting in the middle of this going “WHYYYYYYYY~!”

      I expect there’s some sort of pre-frozen system that they use where they just cook everything at the end of the week, then heat up and place lunchbox items as needed. Then again, Japanese houses are very small, so maybe whatever time they’re not cleaning the house they’re spending it cooking?

      Becky’s Addendum:
      I just figured out the pun. It is truly a terrible pun. For those who don’t know…

      Sando = Sandwich
      Pan = Bread
      Therefore… Sando de Pan Da = The Sandwich made of the bread

    • I’m allergic to peanuts. I blaaaaarrraaaarrrgh on your peanut butter sandwich.

      I used to buy lunch at the tuckshops in Singapore, most of which were pretty good. Unfortunately, the tuckshops in Sydney are seriously lacking in good food.

      • While Australian produce is beautiful and delicious, the tuckshops were not designed to make full use of fresh ingredients – they had no kitchen.

        The tuckshop in my Australian school had a very limited menu, mostly repackaged goods like potato crisps and sandwiches of dubious ingredients. I think it was run by parent volunteers.

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