More Cardboard Fun – Star Trek Cutout Photo Booth


Look! I’m a green lion!

So, continuing my series of recycled cardboard crafts, here’s another one that I made.

Mum bought a new vacuum cleaner and I cannibalised part of the box to make the roof of the space rocket. I still had these cardboard panels leftover which had holes in the middle.

I didn’t have any plan for them, but J got them out of the store cupboard and was running around the house, playing peek-a-boo with it. Then, he put his face to the hole and started pretending to be a green lion (rarrrr Mummy rarrrr!).

This gave me an idea.

I got out one of my sharpies and doodled on the blank side of the panels. Now J can be a pirate, or a surfer! Cool, huh?


Say ‘Arrr’ or ‘Cowabunga’!

J was really happy that I took his brilliant idea seriously in making this collaborative craft. He was very proud of himself for coming up with the idea!

Anyway, I thought to myself, why stop there? MAKE. IT. SO.

Which is how I came up with this Star Trek-themed cutout, featuring two of our favourite Starfleet officers (and the different Starships that they captained). I used a black sharpie to draw the pictures, and then painted it using tempera paints.

I think it’ll make a great prop for a party photo booth!


J says ‘Engage!’.


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