Post-Gardening Break: Cookies+Milk

A few weekends ago, I had planned to go to and write about the No-dig gardening workshop hosted by the Green Living Centre in Newtown.

Unfortunately, owing to my ADD and general inattentiveness, I was a month early to the no-dig gardening workshop.  Thankfully, the Green Living Centre has workshops pretty much every week, so I ended up sitting through a completely different workshop about composting instead.  The composting workshop was informative, but smelly.  It was a pretty hot day, so the practical part of the class was extra tiring – turning compost is very hard work!

So, hot and tired after the workshop, I began my slow walk home when I saw a sign and upon that sign was writ the following words:

“Cookies + Milk”

And then there was nothing for it but to go inside and have myself a snack.

Cookies+Milk is located on King Street in Newtown and is exactly what it says on the tin.  They serve cookies, they serve milk and if that isn’t enough for you, they also serve cookie flavoured milk.  The menu also has a few extra items such as tea, coffee and brownies.

Cookie, milk and a nice magazine.

Cookie, milk and a nice magazine.

I couldn’t help myself.  I sat right down and ordered a gingerbread milk and a triple chocolate cranberry cookie.  The service was friendly and immediate.  Before I knew it, a plate bearing my cookie had appeared in front of me with a little milk bottle garnished with a friendly gingerbread man.  The cookie was brilliant, just that right balance of crunchiness and chewiness that makes a cookie great.  The milk was cold and creamy, slightly sweetened with a hint of ginger spice, making it the perfect compliment to the cookie.  When mixed together in my mouth, they combined to produce the sort of taste that can only be heralded by an invisible choir.

Friendly Cookies+Milk Staff

Friendly Cookies+Milk Staff

The barista told me that the secret to their success is that all ingredients for the cookies and cakes were made in-house.  They make the jams, doughs and creams right there in the kitchen.  I did peek in, to see a young lady stirring a mixing bowl full of viscous stuff.  Furthermore, they’ll have none of that watered down Dairy Farmer’s stuff for their customers!  Cookies+Milk sources its milk from a local farm in Picton. Farm fresh milk is always creamier than regular milk!

On the way out, I purchased one of their Jammy Dodgers and confirmed for myself that the jam was indeed homemade.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


4 thoughts on “Post-Gardening Break: Cookies+Milk

  1. I like the gingerbread man sitting on the edge of the glass. Very cute. You should add the address and contact details of the shop to this post so that everyone can find it. (Or are you trying to hoard this treasure to yourself, huh? HUH?)

    • Hey, I gave you the Facebook and the general location… T_T…

      But, if you must know, the place is located on 531 King Street, Newtown. There are a lot of good clothing shops there too. I’ll write about one sometime.

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