Fine Feathers: A visit to the Jurong Bird Park on Children’s Day 2013

In which we visit the Singapore Jurong Bird Park on Children’s Day 2013, and I have an epiphany.

(For those of you who aren’t able to watch the video, here’s a photo summary of our visit. Hope you all had a lovely Children’s Day 2013!)


Jurong Bird Park – One of our favourite places to visit in Singapore


During the special Children’s Day talk, J and Little E learn about bird behaviour as well as the care of young birds and hatchlings. They were allowed to observe a young umbrella cockatoo and a hatchling macaw.


The special Children’s Day Programme was held at the Junior Eggsperts Room in the Breeding and Research Building. This lady was the bird expert who gave the lecture and she was very knowledgeable! The kids were each given a small Children’s Day present as a token of participation in the workshop!

P.S. I like this vlogging thing. I may do more of them when I get a chance.


10 thoughts on “Fine Feathers: A visit to the Jurong Bird Park on Children’s Day 2013

  1. Debbie, that was a great vid! Finally got the chance to watch it. I think you scripted it really well! How did you record a voice over anyway? Have much to learn about video editing!

    • Thanks! I am still learning about video editing, so the software I have is the basic iMovie program that comes with the Mac and that is what I used to record the voiceover. There is an equivalent video editing software on PC – the Microsoft moviemaker programme.

  2. I really love this vlog that you did Debs! An egg-cellent introduction to the Bird Park and you actually convinced me that we should revisit it sometime soon 🙂

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