Duelling Cellos Lightsaber Bow

I’ve been given to understand that J is convinced that he’ll get a special Lightsaber bow for his violin if he becomes good at it.

I see no reason why he shouldn’t have one, so I’ve consulted my friend Droo about the construction of such a bow. Now, Droo isn’t just any engineer. Droo is the engineer. He is descended from a long line of engineers that I’m almost sure dates back to the design and construction of the Pyramids [1].

Droo’s original design for the lightsaber bow involved using some sort of lightbulb cabled to the back of the bow by means unknown to mundane folk like myself. The bulb would be bright and use up very little energy, but the weight of the bow would be far too heavy to J to lift. Plus, we soon discovered that violin bows need to be able to bend, something that such a bulb could not do. The vibrations of the music might also cause the glass to shatter, which would not be safe.

The second design was an idea I came up with. Droo had purchased a roll of lights for sticking up around his house so that he could find his room at night. The lights wouldn’t exactly give a clean, singular light like in the video, but it would have the same effect as fairy lights – besides which, they could also be programmed to blink, or change colours. However, the lights were also fairly energy intensive and needed a large battery pack. We briefly considered using a paper battery as the power source for the thing, but such things haven’t quite hit the common market yet and would blow our budget right out of the water.

Droo’s latest design, and one that I have the greatest hope for, is based on the Ben Kokes light up engagement ring. Check it out.

Since the bow needs to bend, we’re probably not going to use copper or a string of LEDs, though. Uncle T has suggested finely sanded fibre optic lights, so as not to injure J’s eyes. We’ll make a little bracelet for J to wear when playing his violin that contains the transmitter.

We’re still working on the whole weight/largeness issue. I expect we should be finished with this particular project before J turns six.

[1]Not the Sphinx, of course. The construction of that thing was taken over halfway by shoddy contractors.


4 thoughts on “Duelling Cellos Lightsaber Bow

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  2. Just curious if you ever figured out how to make a workable lightsaber bow. I play fiddle, and have been trying to come up with a good way to accomplish it without ruining my bow. Also I have an 11 year old son who is learning the bass, who would *flip out* if I could make this happen for him 🙂

    • Hi! We’ve been trying to solve that problem too! Progress has been stalled by life events (getting married, buying a house, getting pets). At the moment, I am still prototyping various light pipe designs. The challenge is to keep the system flexible and to not change the balance of the bow.

      • Let me know if you solve it eventually! I am 100% with you on the whole life events stalling creative projects thing 😉

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