Cardboard Rocket = Countdown to FUNTIMES!


Okay, so my new iMac arrived and we turned the packaging into a nice space rocket.  Because that’s how we roll here at Owls Well.

Instructions-cardboard-rocketThe hardest part was designing and planning the assembly method. I went for a sturdy slotted component design  which was inspired by this cardboard house.

After I cut out the wall panels, J painted the outside of the rocket using his sponge rollers and a stencil that I made from the leftover cardboard. cardboard-rocket-kidsWhat do you think?

J and Little E have been playing with it all afternoon. So far, they’ve already visited Mars, Saturn and Neptune, and I hear that they are planning a trip to view the Cat’s Eye Nebula!

Whatever, as long as they’re back in time for dinner.


9 thoughts on “Cardboard Rocket = Countdown to FUNTIMES!

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